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3rd Oct 2016

Hampshire business support:

From the birth of your idea to your first print run.

You’re getting started with your own business for the first time; it’s been maturing in your brain for years and finally the time is right for you to take the plunge.  You know that you need to have a visual presence out there to advertise yourself to prospective clients; maybe your focus has turned to leaflets or brochures and that’s why you’re on our website. Considering print and beyond, what is there to support the new businessperson in Hampshire?


Like any project, preparation is key. So business related reading is helpful, both to get your own thoughts in order and to develop new ideas and refine processes. There is a plethora of business literature out there which offers advice, guidance and tips as you embark on your project or business. For something more industry specific, relevant trade press will often offer competitive subscription costs or will have an online edition, so reading up on your topic is more accessible now than ever.


A great source of support as you embark on a new venture is from others who are on their own similar journey. Some may be at a further point, some may be less so. The important thing is that by networking and meeting others, you can enter a creative discussion with other likeminded people. You will find that as well as learning from these colleagues, you will have a lot to offer them in turn.  Hampshire is a hive of local business people. You can search for networking events here:


You want your business to make money - of course you do! To get to that stage in your development some investment needs to be made. One factor is time, and you have undoubtedly invested your own time and sleeping hours more than you care to admit. On the other side of the coin is the cash itself. There are business development funds out there to help you to establish and develop your venture. is a helpful resource.


Support is available not only from peers, but also from bodies and services. Local councils often provide workshops and resources for new businesses. Why not make a visit to your library: the modern library is so much more than lofty shelves of literature and instead acts as a community hub. Hampshire County Council lists local business support organisations here:


In our view, this is a key part of establishing your business. Not simply down to a visually engaging logo, branding means clearly understanding your mission, targets and aims. How are these messages conveyed in the material that you distribute? This means your website, signage, leaflets, posters, adverts and social media. These aspects must reinforce each other with the same messages and tone, otherwise your concept could seem confused.


Finally the publicity material for your business; the physical items that can be placed into your customers’ hands and pinned to notice boards. The print, leaflets, brochures and posters.  This is the part of your branding message that we can support. We have worked with clients to produce print for organisations from the the start-up to the long established, and so we know what to look for, what is effective and can guide on size and quantities.

To quote a wise old businessperson; “Success is 90% preparation and only 10% perspiration”. This is something to keep in mind when embarking on your business. If you research, seek support and prepare you will have a clear vision for your business when it comes to conveying all that you offer on a single piece of advertising. Whether this is via leaflets or online, that visual representation is the first impression that you offer and will win or lose custom. We’re good at making it a winner!