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15th Jun 2016

A Heavy Paperweight

Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Existing in an industry comprised of paper of all forms, the environment sits prominently in our consciousness. For this reason we count it amongst our highest priorities to work with the most eco -friendly principles at heart. We pride ourselves on our FSC Certification, attaining and retaining the stringent IS014001 accreditation and the conscientious environmental priorities of our processes, which we are always reviewing.

Is it a contradiction for a company whose business is to produce leaflets, posters, booklets and other print - goods that are derived from the planetís tree population - to focus on environmental impact? We donít think so! In fact, it is not the printing companyís product itself that is most problematic for the environment, it is the process and waste.

By reducing chemical process and product wastage, printing on paper becomes a much more sustainable prospect. The paperless world is a fiction, and thank goodness it is! Paper is a beautiful thing - letís face it, what is humanity without the stuff? It is arguably the most important development in civilisation after the wheel. Actually, maybe itís even more important than the wheel (and sliced bread for that matter).

We can go back to the Han dynasty of China in the year 105 to find the first ancestor of modern paper making. This was inspired by the hives of bees and wasps, using rags and other plant fibres rather than wood pulp. By the year 1100, more advanced paper making had reached Morocco, with the first English paper mill being set up in Stevenage in 1490.

Itís not just the historical prevalence of paper that makes its sustainability vital, but the reliance we have on the stuff for communication, culture and industry. You will have held paper that you have found tactile. You will have held paper that ignites a memory. You will have held paper that has furthered your education, your business, your society. Even eco-awareness leaflets are printed on paper. We need paper in order to remain grounded in our humanity, and so we need to use it responsibly so that we can keep paper forevermore.

All this doesnít mean that paper holds prime importance over anything else. Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper and 35% of harvested trees are used for paper manufacture. We all need to be proactive in our processes and habits in order to bring change that really matters. ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) says in its introduction to the requirements for ISO14001, Environmental Management Systems: ďSustainable development as a goal is achieved by balancing the three pillars of sustainability [environment, society and economy].Ē

So with this in mind, how have we become an environmentally conscientious printer?


We have undertaken a huge reduction of chemical use in our processes. To this end, we have also been accredited with the FSC standard for Chain of Custody certification which relates to our purchase of FSC mix and recycled paper, and commit to an annual audit to support this action.


We have massively decreased paper waste by investing heavily in faster and more efficient printing machinery. We also value the impact that individuals have on making our environmental systems work. All our staff share these values and we encourage suppliers and customers alike to adopt a greener attitude.


In an immediate sense this was a challenge. Initially we found developing our processes very costly and did not receive a return on investment at the outset. With time, we have seen this stabilise and improve, which means that we have been able to keep prices low for our customers.

Paper is important; our environment is important. We create your print with this at heart - we want fantastically produced images printed on eco-friendly paper of all shapes, sizes and uses to continue for many years into the future and hope you will join us there!