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13th Jan 2017

Feeling Frugal

Managing your January budget

Welcome to 2017! The start of the year can be a time when cash is in short supply. After the heady spend-fest of December with its glossy brochures, greeting card print run and last minute hard sell, this month the atmosphere is decidedly more frugal. Customers have a tendency to be harder to reach this month and consequently print budgets can be constrained - but when all around you is quiet, perhaps this is a good time to be out there. So what are the best ways of making your marketing and design purse strings stretch further this month?

When to buy big

The larger your litho print order the lower the per-item cost. This is because once the print run is set up and the cost of the set up taken into consideration, items beyond this can be added at a minimal charge.  To truly take advantage of this fact and avoid your print run becoming a false economy, ensure that you have future proofed your design. This means avoiding as much changeable detail as possible. Offers, dates or names are all things to watch out for. The print produced here can last you all year and be ready for those times that you are in between campaigns or events. In this way, your January print run becomes a cost saving exercise for the rest of the year.

When to buy small

There is simply no reason to order printed items when the stock will not realistically be used. Itís a waste of money and resources. Even if that print run of 1,000 has been quoted to you as the same as 500, it may still be unwise to go large. Ask yourself whether you or your organisation has room to store all of the extra items. Consider the time frame intended to be covered by your advertising and whether it makes more sense to stick to a lower number.

Turning it over

One-sided leaflets are often not cost effective. A customer will automatically turn over a piece of print when digesting the information, so by leaving that reverse side blank you will have missed an opportunity to expand your message or sales pitch.  To add value to a potential reader you could include a map or directions to your premises, or turn it into a voucher to track the success of your print campaign.

Getting it out there

Creating your leaflets, posters or brochures is only part of the story - what are your plans to distribute it? The value of a printed item lies in its being seen. So if youíve chosen to mail, carefully consider the item weight as the smallest change can have the biggest impact. By simply increasing your brochure size by a page or adding a compliments slip to your envelope, the per item mailing weight can tip into the next band of pricing, which would in turn have a massive impact on your total postage budget.

Whoís who?

When you come to setting up a mailing distribution, one of the most frugal tasks you can undertake is to ensure that your data is clean. Unfortunately this is often a very dreary task that often gets overlooked. However, your leaflet arriving to the correct potential customer at the correct address, and only once, is the best way to be truly cost-effective.

Waiting game

Of course if you donít need to print in January then perhaps you should defer! Unusual for a printer to suggest perhaps, but sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. Then, come February, you could find yourself with a fatter marketing purse to implement the campaign that you really want!