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28th Nov 2016

Jingle All The Way

The best ways to festive-ize your print.

Yes, itís still November (just), but if you are still thinking about producing themed print to cover the Christmas period then now is really the last opportunity to do so. The big-brand names have been planning their festive publicity since January, but for the start-up this can be something that is a whole lot more last minute. Even if youíve not thought a festive print run is relevant to you, itís not quite too late to change your mind! 

Advertising print should make the most of the festive season. Identifying an offer to tie in exclusively with the Christmas period is a common reason for running specific print at this time and referencing Christmas allows you and your business to benefit.  Even if you are not running a seasonal specific offer, when Christmas is such a central time of year for so much of the country, it makes sense to recognise it. So what are the options?

Hats On

If youíre running short on time and resources, just add a santa hat! Lazy? Maybe - but also effective, and so frequently used in entertainment and event industries that itís becoming appealingly kitsch. 

Tasteful Tones

Keep it basic if you want a low key reference to the big day. Perhaps a subtle text reference to classic Christmas songs and rhymes, or centre with a traditional image of just one festive element - a candle, a star, a wreath for example.

Christmas Colours

If time really is tight, your content could even stay entirely unchanged. Simply amend your colour scheme to a seasonal tone. Classic greens and reds will always evoke the festive season, while metallic gold or silver text depict the opulence of Christmas at a glance.

Sparkle Up

Nothing makes Christmas like a bit of sparkle and spangle, and the glitter effect is a classic look for festive print.  Use a little or use a lot; a whole background or just highlighted elements. The light and texture lifts your print from the run of the mill and gives winter themes and images increased depth.

A Visit from Santa

The man in red is a favourite to feature on festive print - and with good reason!  Who wouldnít respect an endorsement from the most popular man on the planet? Representations of Father Christmas, Santa, St Nic, however you choose to call him are hugely varied and thereís an image out there to suit every tone and mood.

Do it Yourself

Colouring-in is bang on trend right now - for grown ups and kids alike. So why not shun colour completely and distribute a festive image designed to be coloured in?

A Little Extra

Add a token gift to your mail out. A classic Christmas candy cane for the tree is a favourite gesture that has the added advantage of being easy to include in an envelope. Capable of grabbing the attention of your clientele, it is an accepted truth that everyone loves some sweeties at Christmas time!

Christmas Cards

A classic seasonal print run is the corporate Christmas card. Bestow your client base with festive cheer, thank them for their business and wish them all the best for the year ahead. If you are a small firm, having your entire staff signing the card shows a personal touch. Decide how your depiction of Christmas reflects your business - do you wish to be humorous, lighthearted, leftfield, traditional, retro or homely?

However you choose to do it, this most excitedly anticipated time of year should not be passed over as a marketing opportunity. Itís not too late to get on board Santa's leaflet express and have a visual presence that wonít be overlooked in this season of sparkle!